Sarah & Peter

July 27, 2019Santa Barbara, CA


We are so excited to celebrate our wedding with you in beautiful Santa Barbara, California. We created this website with some useful information around our different wedding events to help you plan your stay. Thank you for being a part of our celebration!

Love, Sarah and Peter

Our Story
How we met

What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas. Unless it stays with you for life.

October 2011 – the University of Michigan has a fall break designed to give students time to study for midterms, so the senior class plans a massive trip to Las Vegas. In their least natural of habitats, Peter and Sarah met at a nightclub through a mutual yinzer friend (thanks Frankel!). The night took them to a blackjack table where Sarah was tasked with holding Peter’s chips, and she performed fairly poorly. A week later, back in Ann Arbor, the two were at Rick’s American Cafe, and Peter showed off his family’s culinary inclinations by taking Sarah out for grilled cheese sandwiches.

After graduation, they moved to separate cities for their first jobs, Peter to Chicago and Sarah to San Francisco. Despite three long years of a long distance relationship, Sarah and Peter managed several hiking-boot related trips together, including stops along the Route 1 from San Francisco to Santa Barbara, hiking the Inca Trail to Machu Picchu, and hiking Half Dome in Yosemite. Finally, Sarah was able to move from SF to Chicago; their first home together provided unrivalled food, beer, and music in Chicago. Did you know they have Jet's Pizza in Chicago? Sarah knows. In the summer of 2017, they moved to New York City so that Peter could get closer to his birthplace of New Jersey, and so that he could go to business school. Currently, Sarah and Peter enjoy Manhattan life where they single-handedly keep Shake Shack in business.